Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Reiss

The first ancestor in my tree with this surname was Maria Philipina Reiss. The relationship to my ex-husband is:

Russell Maria Reiss relationship

Maria Philipina Reiss was born 8 November 1808 in Katzweiler, Pfalz, Germany. She was the daughter of Johann Jacob (or Jakob) Reiss and Maria Barbara Kipp.

Maria married Jacob Michael Theisinger on 1 January 1831 at Evangelish, Katzweiler, Pfalz, Germany, and they had 8 children:

  • Jacob Theisinger (1829-1901)
  • Peter Theisinger (1832-?)
  • Christina Theisinger (1835-?)
  • Philip Theisinger (1838-1910)
  • Wilhelm Theisinger (1841-?)
  • Carl Theisinger (1845-?)
  • Elisabetha Theisinger (1849-?)
  • Philipina Theisinger (1855-?)

Johann Jacob (or Jakob) Reiss married Maria Barbara Kipp on 2 November 1802 at Katzweiler, Pfalz, Germany.  They had the following children:

  • Maria Elisabeth Reiss born about 1804
  • Sussanne Margarith Reiss birth 25 June 1804 Katzweiler, Pfalz, Bavaria
  • Marie Philippine Reiss birth 8 November 1808 christening 9 November 1808 at Katzweiler, Pfalz, Bavaria
  • Pierre Reiss birth 23 May 1811 christening 25 May 1811 Katzweiler, Pfalz, Bavaria
  • Susanne Reiss birth 2 March 1814 christening 3 March 1814 Katzweiler, Pfalz, Bavaria
  • Johann Jacob Reis christening 15 December 1816 at Evangelisch, Katzweiler, Pfalz, Bavaria

I have found two possible baptisms in Katzweiler:

  • Johann Jacob Reis born 17 May 1775, christened 21 May 1775, parents Jacob Reis and Maria Margaretha
  • Johann Jacob Reis born 3 March 1771, christened 4 March 1771, parents Johann Adam Reis and Maria Magdalena

Since I don’t know which is the right baptism, I haven’t been able to trace this line any further back at this stage.


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