Trove Tuesday

Trove Tuesday – Tobias Jensen

Since I did my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks post yesterday about Tobias, I decided to do this week’s Trove Tuesday post about him as well.

Details about his death appeared in quite a few newspapers.  I am sharing a couple of these.

The first article is from The Argus

Run over and killed
RUN OVER AND KILLED. (1906, March 15). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 8. Retrieved August 29, 2017, from


ELMORE, Wednesday. A farmer named Tobias Jensen, aged 50 years, residing at Kamarooka, was killed at the Elmore railway station yard yesterday afternoon. Jensen was removing a seed drill, and had hitched his three horses to the drill. They started off before he had the reins and he was knocked over by the drill and killed on the spot. He left a widow and five children.

This next article contained more details.

Tragic death of a farmer
Tragic Death of a Farmer. (1906, March 20). Kerang New Times (Vic. : 1901 – 1918), p. 4. Retrieved August 29, 2017, from

 Tragic Death of a Farmer

A married man, by the name of Tobias Jensen, a Norwegian, 49 years of age, met with his death in a tragic manner between 6 and 7 o’clock at Elmore, on 13th March. It appears that Jensen, who is a farmer, living at Kamarooka, left home in the morning in a buggy and pair, for the purpose of bringing home a seed drill, which was at the railway station. The deceased had yoked three horses in the drill, all with the exception of the reins, when, without any warning, the horses took fright, and bolted. Jensen ran along-side of the animals, eneavoring to stop them, when he was knocked down and carried along for about 50 yards by the hoes of the drill, when it crashed into the railway gates and released him. A man named James Maloney ran to his assistance, and found him bleeding from the head, and unconscious. He at once sent for Constable Kelly and Dr Delmedge, who had the injured man removed to the Runnymede hotel. On examination, life was pronounced to be extinct, death being cause through a fracture at the base of the skull. Deceased leaves a widow and four children, the oldest being six years old, and the youngest 12 months.  An inquest was held the following day by Mr J Simmie, J. P., when a verdict of accidental death was recorded.

An article about the death also appeared in a South Australian newspaper

Tobias Jensen death
VICTORIA (1906, March 17). The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 – 1922), p. 1. Retrieved August 29, 2017, from

Tobias Jensen, of Kamarooka, met his death in a tragic manner. He was preparing to take home a new seed drill from the railway-station yard, and had just put in a pair of horses, when they bolted. Jensen, in endeavoring to stop them, was knocked down, and becoming entangled in the drill was dragged for a short distance. In passing out of the gate the drill struck the post, and Jensen was hurled against it. He was found dead, the base of the skull being badly fractured.

Tobias died intestate, and letters of administration were granted to his widow, Johanna.

Tobias Jensen letters of administration
Advertising (1906, April 10). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 3. Retrieved August 29, 2017, from

NOTICE is hereby given, that after the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof application will be made to the Supreme Court of Victoria, in its Probate jurisdiction, that LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION, of the estate and effects of TOBIAS JENSEN, late of Kamarooka, in the state of Victoria, farmer, deceased, intestate, may be granted to Johanna Jensen, of the same place, the widow of the said deceased.
Dated this ninth day of April, 1906
E. ROBERT WARREN, Elmore, proctor for the applicant

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