Trove Tuesday

Trove Tuesday – Eva Abson

I have been having trouble deciding who I should do a Trove Tuesday post for next, so I decided to work through my family tree by creating a list of everyone who died before 1955 in Australia, and to work through the list alphabetically, by surname.  I skipped over the first 3 on the list who died young, and the first person on the list was Eva Abson.

My relationship to Eva is:

Eva Abson Lois Whimpey relationship

The first article I found for Eva was when Eva applied for a divorce from her husband, Thomas Donellan Loney.

Loney v Loney
POTHER CASES. (1915, May 21). The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 – 1954), p. 9. Retrieved September 5, 2017, from

Eva then went on to marry Wilton Raymond Stanley in 1916, and in 1926 she again filed for divorce.

Divorce case heard in Albury
DIVORCE CASE HEARD IN ALBURY. (1926, March 12). Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 – 1938), p. 23. Retrieved September 5, 2017, from

There was another article about the divorce a year later

Stanley v Stanley
IN DIVORCE. (1927, August 17). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), p. 10. Retrieved September 5, 2017, from

Eva then married John Cameron in 1929.  Eva died in 1942 at St Arnaud

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