Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday – Smith

The first ancestor in my tree with this surname was my ex-husband’s grandmother, Dorothea Isabella Sinclair Smith.

Dorothea Isabella Sinclair Smith was born 3 June 1904 at Boisdale, Victoria, Australia.  She was the daughter of Thomas Smith and Louisa May Clyne.

She married Thomas Arthur Willis on 3 June 1929 at the Eaglehawk East Methodist Church, and they had just one child:

  • Murray Irwin Willis (1931-1964)

Dorothea died 6 May 1979 at the Kerang and District Hospital, Kerang, Victoria, Australia. She was buried 8 May 1979 at the Kerang Cemetery.

Thomas Smith was born 9 September 1873 at Briagolong, in the colony of Victoria. He was the son of James Smith and Dora Mansfield.

Thomas married Louisa May Clyne on 26 August 1903 at Newry, Victoria, Australia, and they had 13 children:

  • Dorothea Isabella Sinclair Smith (1904-1979)
  • Louisa Jean Smith (1906-1973)
  • Rachael Margaret Deering Smith (1907-1908)
  • David James Smith (1907-1972)
  • May Mansfield Smith (1908-1984)
  • Thomas Clive Smith (1909-1977)
  • Lyla Mary Smith (1912-1979)
  • Winifred Kerr Smith (1913-1981)
  • Jessie Clyne Smith (1916-2002)
  • Ena Clair Smith (1918-1976)
  • John William Smith (1920-1999)
  • Ralph Henry Smith (1922-1995)
  • Audrey Joy Smith (1925-1996)

Thomas died 25 March 1935 at the Swan Hill District Hospital, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia, and was buried 25 March 1935 at the Swan Hill Cemetery.

James Smith was possibly born 8 April 1841 in Pennsylvania, United States. He was the son of Thomas Smith and Rachel Wilson.  In my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks post on Monday I will set out how I came to conclusion that he was born 8 April 1841 in Pennsylvania.

James married Dora(h) Mansfield on 26 February 1873 at Nuntin in the Colony of Victoria.  They had 5 children:

  • Thomas Smith (1873-1935)
  • Mary Jean (or Jane) Smith (1875-1965)
  • Rachel Dora Smith (1877-1963)
  • John James Smith (1881-1963)
  • William Smith (1887-1971)

James died 28 July 1938 at Maffra, Victoria, Australia and was buried 29 Jul 1938 at the Maffra Cemetery.

Thomas Smith was born 10 October 1813 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland.  He was the son of Thomas Smith and Jean Alison.

Thomas married Rachel Wilson on 4 March 1837 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland.  They had 3 children:

  • Thomas Smith (1838-?)
  • Jean Smith (1839-1919)
  • James Smith (1841-1938)

Thomas died 26 February 1842 at Stevenston, and was buried 28 Feb 1842.

Thomas Smith was christened 27 March 1770 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland.  His father’s name was James.

Thomas married Jean Alison on 14 March 1797 at Stevenston, and they had 11 children:

  • Janet Smith (1797-?)
  • Ann Smith (1798-1876)
  • James Smith (1800-1803)
  • Agnes Smith (1802-1807)
  • Margaret Smith (1804-?)
  • Jean Smith (1806-?)
  • Agnes Smith (1809-1812)
  • Thomas Smith (1811-bef 1813)
  • Thomas Smith (1813-1842)
  • Alexander Smith (1815-1883)
  • James Smith (1818-?)

Since Thomas’ eldest daughter was named Janet, his parents were probably James Smith and Janet Gowen, who were married 5 January 1769 in Stevenston.

James Smith

James Smith and Janet Gowen (or Garvan) had the following children:

  • Alexander Smith christened 26 Jan 1772 at Stevenston
  • Janet Smith christened 22 Jan 1775 at Stevenston

Since there are a number of possible baptisms for James I haven’t been able to trace this line any further back at this stage.

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