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Surname Saturday – Willis

My ex-husband’s surname is Willis.  His ancestors are:

Murray Irwin Willis was born 17 March 1931 at Kerang, Victoria, Australia.  He was the son of Thomas Arthur Willis and Dorothea Isabella Sinclair Smith.

Murray died 1 July 1964 at St Andrew’s Hospital in East Melbourne.

Thomas Arthur Willis was born 24 January 1900 at Sydney Flat in the colony of Victoria.  He was the son of Thomas Matthew Willis and Elizabeth Hansen.

Thomas married Dorothea Isabella Sinclair Smith on 3 June 1929 at the Eaglehawk East Methodist Church.  They had only 1 child, Murray Irwin Willis

Thomas died 27 May 1957 at the Kerang and District Hospital.

Thomas Matthew Willis was born 21 February 1869 at Myers Creek, in the colony of Victoria. He was the son of George Willis and Ann Marshall.

Thomas married Elizabeth Hansen on 14 June 1899 at Drummartin in the colony of Victoria and they had 4 children:

  • Thomas Arthur Willis (1900-1957)
  • Elsie Amelia Willis (1901-1984)
  • Elizabeth Lucy Willis (1905-1974)
  • Edith Annie Willis (1908-1943)

Thomas died 21 February 1945 at his home in Burnside Street, Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia.

George Willis was born 12 May 1828 and christened 1 June 1828 at All Cannings, Wiltshire, England.  He was the son of Alice Willis.

George married Ann Marshall on 18 Jul 1854 at Sydney, in the colony of New South Wales.   They had 12 children:

  • Mary Jane Willis (1855-1924)
  • George William Willis (1857-1918)
  • Catherine Alice Willis (1860-1947)
  • Deborah Anne Willis (1862-1939)
  • Elizabeth Lucy Willis (1864-1952)
  • Charlotte Ann Willis (1865-1865)
  • Susan Frances Marshall Willis (1867-1867)
  • Thomas Matthew Willis (1869-1945)
  • Sarah Frances Willis (1870-1956)
  • Amelia Eleanor Willis (1871-1950)
  • Ann Margaret Willis (1873-1875)
  • Ada Louise Willis (1874-1874)

George died 28 April 1904 at Eaglehawk, Victoria. Australia.

Since George’s christening record doesn’t list his father’s name, I haven’t been able to trace this line any further back at this stage.

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