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Surname Saturday – Wilson

The first ancestor in my tree with the surname Wilson is Rachel Hamilton Wilson.  Her relationship to my ex-husband is:

Rachel Hamilton Wilson relationship

Rachel Hamilton Wilson was born 18 September 1813 and christened 19 September 1813 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland.  Her parents were William Wilson and Jean Banks.

She married Thomas Smith on 4 March 1837 at Stevenston, and they had 3 children:

  • Thomas Smith (1838-?)
  • Jane Smith (1839-1919)
  • James Smith (1841-1938)

Thomas died in 1842, and Rachel had 2 more children:

  • Peter Smith (1846-?)
  • Margaret Wilson (1856-?)

It is not known who Peter’s father was.  Margaret’s father is believed to have been John Thornton, an Irish coal miner who may have been married.  Margaret is listed with the surname Thornton on the 1861 census, and with the surname Wilson on the 1881 census.

Rachel died 4 December 1884 at Grange Street, Stevenston.  Her daughter Margaret was the informant.

William Wilson was born 4 April 1781 and christened 6 April 1781 at Stevenston. He was the son of Adam Wilson and Elizabeth Wood.

He married Jean Banks on 16 January 1802 at Stevenston. They had 6 children:

  • Adam Wilson (1802-1892)
  • Nathaniel Wilson (1805-1883)
  • Jean Wilson (1811-?)
  • Rachel Hamilton Wilson (1813-1884)
  • Alexander Hamilton Wilson (1816-?)
  • Martha Wilson (1819-?)

Adam Wilson

Adam married Elizabeth Wood on 11 November 1775 at Stevenston. They had 5 children:

  • Martha Wilson (1776-?)
  • Jean Wilson (1778-?)
  • William Wilson (1781-?)
  • Francis Wilson (1783-?)
  • Adam Wilson (1785-?).

There are 3 baptisms for an Adam Wilson in Ayrshire between 1740 and 1757.  Since Adam didn’t have a son named John, it is unlikely that the baptism in Dundonald is for Adam.

  • Adam Wilson christened 6 Feb 1754 at Dundonald, father John
  • Adam Wilson christened 24 Feb 1755 at Tarbolton, father William
  • Adam Wilson, christened 5 Nov 1749 at West Kilbride, parents William Wilson and Martha Crawfurd

West Kilbride is closer to Stevenston than Tarbolton, and Adam had a daughter name Martha and his eldest son was named William, so the baptism in 1749 at West Kilbride is the most likely baptism for him.

William Wilson 

William Wilson married Martha Crawfurd on 2 February 1749 at West Kilbride.

William and Martha had the following children, all christened at West Kilbride:

  • Adam christened 5 Nov 1749
  • Roza christened 20 Oct 1751
  • Martha christened 21 Apr 1754
  • Jean christened 30 Sep 1759
  • Margaret christened 15 Jun 1763
  • William christened 11 June 1769

There were 5 baptisms for a William Wilson in West Kilbride between 1700 and 1730.  Since William named his eldest son Adam, the most likely baptism is for William Wilson, christened 4 March 1721, parents Adam Wilson and Jean Fairy.

Adam Wilson married Jean Fairie on 16 February 1715 at West Kilbride.

Adam and Jean had the following children:

  • Ann christened 4 March 1716 at West Kilbride
  • Janet christened 19 Jul 1718 at West Kilbride
  • William christened 4 Mar 1721 at West Kilbride
  • An unnamed child christened 23 Jun 1723 at West Kilbride
  • Jean christened 23 Oct 1726 at West Kilbride
  • Patrick christened 12 Oct 1729 at West Kilbride
  • John christened 5 Nov 1732 at West Kilbride

The only baptism I have been able to find for an Adam Wilson between 1600 and 1700 in Ayrshire was Adam Wilson christened 18 Dec 1660 at Fenwick.  This seems to be a bit early for this to be our Adam Wilson, so I have not been able to trace this family any further back at this stage.

Surname cloud generated using The first ancestor in my tree with the surname Wilson is Rachel Hamilton Wilson. Her relationship to my ex-husband is: