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Surname Saturday – Wood

The first ancestor in my tree with this surname was Elizabeth Wood.  Her relationship to my ex-husband is:

Elizabeth Wood relationship

Elizabeth Wood was born 7 September 1753 and christened 9 September 1753 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland.  She was the daughter of Francis Wood.

Elizabeth married Adam Wilson on 11 November 1775 at Stevenston, and they had 5 children:

  • Martha Wilson (1776-?)
  • Jean Wilson (1778-?)
  • William Wilson (1781-?)
  • Francis Wilson (1783-?)
  • Adam Wilson (1785-?)

There is a marriage of a Francis Wood to Jane Young on 22 October 1743 at Stevenston. They were possibly Elizabeth Wood’s parents.

These are the baptisms with the father named Francis in Stevenston between 1743 and 1763.

  • John Wood christened 16 Nov 1745
  • Ann Wood christened 30 Nov 1746
  • Francis Wood christened 15 Nov 1749
  • Francis Wood christened 29 Jan 1751
  • Elizabeth Wood christened 9 Sep 1753
  • Jane Wood christened 28 Mar 1756 A Jane Wood, daughter of Frances Wood, was buried 26 Mar 1757 at Stevenson
  • Francis Wood christened 20 May 1759

A Francis Wood, son of Francis Wood, was buried 14 April 1762 at Steventson

I have been unable to find a christening of a Francis Wood between 1700 and 1740 in Ayrshire.  These are the only christenings I could find between 1700 and 1740 for a Francis Wood in Scotland:

  • Francis Wood christened 13 Feb 1706 at Brechin, parents John Wood and Kathrin Mill
  • Francis Wood christened 11 Nov 1708 at Leith South parents William Wood and Helen Baird
  • Francis Wood christened 9 Jan 1737 at Edinburgh parents John Wood and Mary Walker
  • Francis Wood christened 11 April 1717 at Greenlaw father Andrew Wood
  • Francis Wood christened 27 Dec 1715 at Greenlaw father Francis Wood
  • Frances Wood christened 24 Aug 1716 at Keithhall and Kinkell, Aberdeen, Scotland, father William Wood

None of these christenings seem likely to be for this Francis, since all these parishes are on or near the east coast of Scotland, while Ayrshire is on the west coast of Scotland.

I have therefore not been able to trace this line any further back at this stage.

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