52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #9 Where There’s A Will

In my Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun post this week, I mentioned that my 2x great grandmother, Euphemia Harley nee Dandie’s will showed she owned the property at 67 Hambleton Street South Melbourne.  I have therefore decided to do my post about Euphemia.

The following is a transcription of Euphemia’s will.   Her will and probate files can be found on the Public Record Office Victoria website:

This is the last Will and Testament of me Euphemia Harley of Hambleton Street Albert Park in the State of Victoria widow. I give devise and bequeath all the real and personal estate of which I may be possessed unto and to the use of my daughter Mary Stevens of Bank Street, South Melbourne in the said State Married Woman and my sons Robert Harley of Geelong in the said State Senior Constable of Police and Alexander Harley of Kilcunda in the said State Farmer their heirs and assigns upon trust that they or other the Trustees for the time being of this my Will (hereinafter referred to as my said Trustees) shall hold and stand possessed of my said real and personal estate Upon trust in the first place as to that part of my real estate consisting of my house and premises situate and known as Number 67 Hambleton Street Albert Park aforesaid and now occupied by my daughter Euphemia McWhinney to sell convert into money and dispose of the same as and in such manner and upon such terms as my said Trustees may deem expedient, and out of the nett proceeds of such sale and conversion to pay and discharge all my funeral expenses and then to divide the residue amongst my six children namely the said Mary Stevens, Janet Mills of Hambleton Street Albert Park aforesaid Married Woman, Catherine MacKay of Hambleton Street aforesaid Married Woman, the said Robert Harley, Agnes Reid of Hambleton Street aforesaid Married Woman and Elizabeth Salmon of Albert Park aforesaid Married Woman equally share and share alike for their own use and benefit absolutely and as to the real estate owned by me and situate at Rochford in the said State and consisting of a farm containing one hundred and ninety two acres or thereabouts being Portions of Crown Allotments Seventy seven and Seventy nine Parish of Rochford aforesaid and now in the occupation of Mrs Matilda Johnson I direct my said Trustees to sell and convert the same into money as and in such manner and upon such terms as my said Trustees may deem expedient, and to stand possessed of the nett proceeds of such sale and conversion upon trust in the first place thereout to pay all my just debts and testamentary expenses (including any Probate Duty payable in respect of my estate) and the expenses of and incidental to the execution of the trusts of this my Will and in the next place to divide the nett residue remaining into nineteen equal parts or shares and to pay or deliver two of such equal parts to each of my eight surviving children namely the said Mary Stevens, Janet Mills, Catherine MacKay, Robert Harley, Agnes Reid, Elizabeth Salmon, Euphemia McWhinney and Alexander Harley for their own use and benefit absolutely and to pay and deliver one of such equal parts or shares to my adopted son William John Harley of Healesville in the said State Bootmaker for his own use and benefit absolutely. As to the remaining two parts or share to stand possessed of the same Upon trust for the children of my deceased son John Harley late of Footscray in the said State Railway Employe deceased who being sons or a son shall attain the age of twenty one years of being daughters or a daughter shall attain that age or marry under it and as to all the rest and residue of my real and personal estate not hereinbefore disposed of by this my will I direct my said Trustees to hold and stand possessed of the same Upon trust to sell and convert the same into money and to divide the nett proceeds equally between my said eight surviving children, my adopted son the said William John Harley and the children of the said John Harley deceased (the last named children taking equally between them the share which their deceased parent would have taken in such distribution had he survived. I declare that if any of my said children shall predecease me leaving issue him or her surviving such issue shall take and if more than one in equal shares the share which their deceased parent would have taken under this my Will had he or she survived and been living at the time of my deceased. I appoint the said Mayr Stevens Executrix and the said Robert Harley and Alexander Harley Executors of this my Will. Lastly I revoke all wills codicils and other testamentary disposition at any time heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 14th day of July one thousand nine hundred and two.

Signed by the said Testatrix Euphemia Harley as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same time who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses
Signed: Euphemia Harley

F. P. Mackay
79 Hambleton St S. Melb

E C Cobbledick
80 Hambleton Street
Marrage[sic] woman

Euphemia Dandie was born 15 March 1824, and baptized 21 March 1824 at Ferry Port on Craig, Fife, Scotland.  She was the daughter of John Dandie and Catherine Hardie.

She married Robert Harley on 3 June 1846 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland, and they sailed to Australia on the “Wanata” with their 3 children, John, Mary and Margaret, departing Liverpool on 10 June 1852.  Their daughter Margaret died on the voyage.  The “Wanata” arrived in Port Phillip Bay towards the end of September, but was placed in quarantine, due to an outbreak of typhoid on the ship.  After clearing quarantine, the family arrived in Melbourne on 4 October 1852.

For the first few years after arriving in Melbourne, they lived at Emerald Hill, where four more children were born: Euphemia, Janet, Catherine, and Robert.  Another daughter, Agnes, was born in 1862, but I haven’t been able to find a birth record for her, so I’m not sure where she was born. Robert and Euphemia’s last two children, Elizabeth and Alexander were born at Rochford.  I had also found a William John Harley who listed Robert and Euphemia as his parents on his marriage and death certificates, however, he wasn’t listed on either Robert and Euphemia’s death certificates, and I hadn’t found a birth entry for him. I had surmised that he was therefore an adopted son.  Her Will confirmed this.

The Post Office Directories show that Robert, and his brother John, were farmers at Hesket and Rochford from 1868 to 1875.  John remained at Rochford, while Robert returned to Emerald Hill.  Robert first appears back on the South Melbourne rate books in 1878.  He was a produce dealer, living at 167 Clarendon Street.  The owner of the property was Ellen Colclough.  Since Euphemia’s Will lists a farm at Rochford among her assets, when they moved back to South Melbourne, they didn’t sell the farm at Rochford (or at least not all of it).

The rate books and directories had shown that Robert and later Euphemia had lived at 63 Hambleton Street from about 1886.  The houses in Hambleton Street therefore appear to have been renumbered between 1899 and 1902,  because the 1899 rate book shows that Euphemia was the owner of 63 Hambleton Street, which she was leasing to James Nott, and that 67 Hambleton Street was owned and occupied by Geo. Turpin.  I therefore decided to check the rest of her Probate documents, to confirm the house number, and found the summary of her assets and liabilities:

Assets – Real Estate

All that piece of land being part of Crown Allotment 55 Section 434 City and Parish of South Melbourne County of Bourke having a frontage of 25 links to Hambleton Street by a depth of 202 and ½ links to a Road at the rear on which piece of land is erected a Weatherboard Dwellinghouse containing five rooms and lately used and occupied by the Testatrix as her residence – Valued at £300

Also all that piece of land containing in all 192 acres a thereabouts being parts of Crown Allotments 77 and 79 Parish of Rochford in the County of Bourke fenced and subdivided and on which land is erected a Weatherboard Dwellinghouse containing five rooms. The said land is let to Matilda Johnson at a yearly rent of £35/0/0 – Valued at £1000

Carried forward £1300


Amount due on Mortgage to Melbourne Savings Bank of the property at Rochford hereinbefore described – £250

Robert Harley money lent – £30

Dr Sparrow South Melbourne medical attendance – £10

Balance for Duty £1030

Brought forward £1300

Assets – Personal


1 bedstead 1 Chest of drawers (small) 1 washstand 2 Small Tables 3 Chairs 1 Looking Glass 2 pairs of blankets 1 Quit 6 sheets – £5

Carried forward £1305

Personal effects – three dresses and small quantity of underclothing – £1

Money on hand or house £14

Carried forward £1320

Total assets £1320

Since the asset and liabilities list didn’t provide the house number for the property on Hambleton Street, I decided to check the Electoral rolls for George Turpin, and I found George Henry Turpin was living in 1905 at 71 Hambleton Street.  It therefore does appear that the houses were renumbered between 1899 and 1902 – 63 had become 67, and 67 had become 71.

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