52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #10 Strong Woman – Vera Evelyn Marshall

I have recently been researching the family of George Joseph Marshall and Julia Agnes Smith. George was the son of Richard Marshall and Ann Smith.  My ex-husband is descended from Richard’s sister, Ann Marshall, who came to Australia and married George William Willis.  I have decided to write about George’s daughter, Vera Evelyn Marshall.

George was a missionary in China, and it was here that he had married Julia Agnes Smith.  They had a son, Harold Edward Marshall, in China, and had then gone to Toronto in 1900, because of the Boxer Rebellion.  It was in Toronto that their second child, Annie Louise Marshall, was born.  The family then went back to China, where their daughter Vera was born on 22 January 1908.

George died 9 March 1911 in Shanghai, from: stone in kidney, surgical shock, suppression of urine, uraemia.  Julia was left with 3 young children, and she was pregnant with a fourth child.

Julia and Vera returned to the United States, arriving in Honolulu on 17 June 1911, and in San Francisco on 23 June 1911, while the older two children, Harold and Annie, remained in China.  Julia and Vera had travelled to Lisbon, New Hampshire by 7 October 1911, where Julia gave birth to her son, George Helmer Marshall.

Julia died the following year, on 24 October 1912 at Hanover, New Hampshire.

Vera, and her siblings, were now orphans.  The older two children later returned to the United States, settling in California, while Vera and George went to live with Julia’s sister Lelia Morten, in Lisbon, New Hampshire.

By 1930, Vera had been admitted to the Laconia State School, and she is listed there as an inmate on the 1930 and 1940 censuses.  I decided to learn more about the Laconia State School, so I did a search on Google and found the following sites with information about this institution:



Vera died in January 1989.  She must have been a strong woman to not only live to around 81 years of age, but to have done so after enduring the conditions at the Laconia State School.

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