52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #11 Lucky – George Marshall

One of the suggested ideas was the luck of the Irish, so I decided to look at one of the branches of my daughter’s family that came from Ireland.  On my side, there’s just the Russell family, but her father has two branches from Ireland – the Mansfields and the Marshalls.  In thinking about the Marshalls, I remembered the story handed down in the family about George Marshall.

George’s relationship to my ex-husband is:

George Marshall relationship

George Marshall was born 22 February 1826 in OldLeighlin, Carlow, Ireland.

He married Susanna James on 27 September 1845 at Carlow Church in County Carlow, Ireland.  Their eldest daughter, Sarah Jane Marshall, was born at OldLeighlin, and shortly after her birth, George and Susanna emigrated to Canada.

This is where the story comes in that makes me think of George as being lucky.  This story was from the “Willis Family History” that was sent to me in 1991 by Trevor Bennett.  Another version of the story also appears on the 23238 database at RootsWeb World Connect.

“When elder brother William had emigrated, the family stone quarry at “Augharue” (5 miles east of Carlow) was taken over by George. But the new world beckoned, and in the early summer of 1847, with their first-born child, George and Susanna set out for Canada.  For six weeks they battled about in the Atlantic and finally were blown back to the Irish port from which they had started (probably Cork) .  Again they set sail.  During a fierce storm at sea, George was washed overboard in the darkness and was given up as lost.  But, when dawn came, George, who had grabbed some ropes and clung to life, climbed back on board and continued the journey.”

George and Susannah went on to have 12 more children.  Susannah was pregnant at the time of the voyage, and their second child, Andrew, was born after their arrival in Canada in 1847.  George and Susannah had the following children:

  • Sarah Jane Marshall (1846-1930)
  • Andrew Marshall (1847-1920)
  • Elizabeth Marshall (1850-1942)
  • Catherine Marshall (1851-1933)
  • Lavinia Marshall (1853-1937)
  • Susanna Harriet Marshall (1855-1935)
  • Samuel William Marshall (1857-1953)
  • Mary Ann Marshall (1859-1918)
  • Amelia Marshall (1861-1950)
  • Thomas Henry Marshall (1863-1910)
  • Georgina Marshall (1866-1884)
  • George Albert Marshall (1868-1943)
  • An infant that died at birth (1869-1869)

George died 29 November 1902, aged 77 years from pneumonia, in the Division of Cumberland, County of Russell in Ontario, Canada.

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