52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #17 Cemetery

I have decided to do this post about the Kilcunda Cemetery, as this is the only cemetery where I have taken photos of the graves of family members.  Since these were my first attempts at taking photos of gravestones, and I took these back in 2008/2009 on a mobile phone, they aren’t very good photos, so I have included links to better photos on Billion Graves and Find a Grave

All of the people in the photos were born and died (as far as I know) in Victoria, Australia.

The first photo is of my great grandparents, Alexander Alexander Harley and Henrietta Louisa Russell.  Alexander was born 22 October 1866 at Rochford, and he died 7 September 1939 at Woolamai.  He married Henrietta on 25 July 1888 at South Melbourne.  Henrietta was born 22 November 1865 at Staffordshire Reef, and 17 November 1949 on the farm “Hazel Glen” at Woolamai.

2009-08-18 Alex and Henrietta gravestone lighter

This isn’t a good photo – there is a better photo on Billion Graves

This next photo is of their son Cecil Rupert Harley and their daughter Dorothy Agnes Harley. Cecil was born 27 September 1896 at San Remo, and died 24 November 1977 at Cowes.  His sister Dorothy was born 9 August 1907 at South Melbourne and died 19 August 1976 at Wonthaggi.  They both never married.

2008-12-27 Cecil Rupert and Dorothy Agnes Harley

Both Billion Graves and Find A Grave have a better photo of this grave.

The next photo is of Alexander and Henrietta’s other son, Keith Aubrey Harley, and Keith’s grandson, Raymond Gordon Harley. Keith was born in 1905 in Grantville. He died 27 January 1941 at Bass.  He married Evelyn Mary Cartwright on 15 June 1929 at Wonthaggi.  After Keith died, Evelyn remarried and moved away from the Kilcunda area. She died in 1982 at Swan Hill. Raymond was born June 1958 and died 29 December 1959 at Wonthaggi.

2008-12-27 Keith Aubrey Harley and Raymond Gordon Harley

Billion Graves has a better photo of this grave.  So does Find a Grave.

The next photo is for Keith’s son, William Alexander Gordon Harley (known as Gordon). Raymond was his son. William was born 13 Jun 1930 and died 19 June 2004.

2008-12-27 William Alexander Gordon HarleyThere is a better photo on Find A Grave, and on Billion Graves

My great grandfather, Alexander Alexander Harley, had a sister, Catherine Hilda Harley, who married Alexander Benjamin Mackay.  Their son Harold Harley Mackay is also buried at Kilcunda.  Harold was born 1888 in South Melbourne and died 12 April 1956 at Wonthaggi.  He married Sarah Agnes Gourley in 1908.  Sarah was born in 1885 at Drouin and died 3 June 1969 at Wonthaggi.

2008-12-27 Harold Harley Mackay and Sarah Agnes Mackay

Again, there are better photos of this grave on Billion Graves and Find a Grave

Harold’s son Sydney Harold Mackay is also buried at Kilcunda.  Sydney was born 3 July 1910 at Northcote and died 28 December 1992.

2008-12-27 Sydney Harold Mackay

There are photos of this grave on Billion Graves and Find a Grave

The tree below sets out the relationships of the people in the above photos.

Harley Mackay tree


I have set up this tree in Microsoft Excel:

Harley Mackay

My brother in law’s family also came from Kilcunda.  This grave is for his grandparents, Rowland Sanderson and Ivy Sanderson, nee Churchill.

Rowland was born in 1895 and died 1 September 1970 at Kilcunda.  He married Ivy Churchill. Ivy was born 16 January 1894 at Berwick and she died 16 September 1993 at Kilcunda.

2008-12-27 Rowland and Ivy Sanderson

Billion Graves and Find A Grave have better photos of this grave

This photo is for Rowland and Ivy’s son, Kenneth Rowland Sanderson. Kenneth was born in 1922, and died 21 September 1957 at Wonthaggi.

2008-12-27 Kenneth Rowland Sanderson

Photos of this grave are also on Find A Grave and Billion Graves

My brother in law’s brother, Garry Rowland Sanderson, is also buried at Kilcunda.  Garry Rowland Sanderson was born in 1957 and died 21 March 1978 at Sunbury.

2008-12-27 Garry Rowland SandersonAgain, there are better photos on Billion Graves and Find a Grave

I have more photos for Ivy’s family (the Churchills), but I haven’t included them in this post, as they are more distantly related.

The following is a tree for the Sandersons.


Background of featured image is a photo from Unsplash – https://unsplash.com/photos/ZLHBjxbCCEc Photo by unsplash-logoScott Rodgerson