52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors #20 Another Language

Most of my ancestors who came to Australia, came from the British Isles, so English is the only language I have had to deal with (at least on my side of the family), except for the mother of William Edward Ball.

William was born in Gothenburg, Sweden.  His father was an English wine merchant, while his mother, Esther Elizabeth Ericksen, was from Sweden.

I found Esther’s death record in the Sweden, Indexed Death Records, 1840-1942 collection at Ancestry.  Esther Elizabeth Ball died 1 January 1865 at Göthebörgs Fattighus, Göteborg och Bohus, Sverige.

I was then able to find Esther on the Household Examination Books for 1861-1885, and 1827-1860 (in the
Sweden, Church Records, 1451-1943 (in Swedish)
collection at Ancestry).

The Household Examination Books provided me with her birth date: 25 August 1794, and her birthplace – Wenersberg.

These records were relatively easy to work through, since they’re in table format, so I just used Google Translate to translate the headings.

However, in order to try and work backwards from her entry in the Household Examination Books for 1827-1860, I needed to try and find her in the Moving In books, to try and find out where she was living before her arrival in Göthebörgs Fattighus.  Since the Moving in books aren’t in table format, and I don’t read Swedish, I haven’t been able to find her in the Moving In books, and therefore I haven’t been able to find her marriage to James Ball, or the birth records for her children.

The Swedish Church books are for the Church of Sweden, which is an Evangelical Lutheran church.  It is possible that because James was English, they were married, and their children baptized, in another church, which means that they may not be in these records at all.

I did try looking for Esther’s birth record.  I googled the place Wenersberg, and found that it is also known as Vanersborg, and was the capital of Alvsborg County.  I searched for Esther’s birth record in the birth records for Alvsborg, but wasn’t able to find an entry for her.

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