Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – How Did You Get to School?

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun. Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week the mission was:

1)  How did you get to your school(s) through high school?

2)  Tell us in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or on Facebook or Google+.  Please leave a comment on this post with a link to your post.

Here’s mine:

All through my school years, I walked to school.  I grew up in the suburb of Melbourne called Mitcham.  We lived in Beaufort Street, and the kindergarten, primary school and high schools were all on Mitcham road.  The High School was actually the closest to home.

When I went to kindergarten, my mum took me.  I attended kindergarten when I was 4 years old.  Mum may have taken me for my first year of Primary school, when I was 5 and was in grade prep. After that, I either walked by myself, or with one of my older sisters.  I’m pretty sure I was going by myself by the time I was 6. Here in Australia, Primary school is from Prep to Grade 6, and from age 5 to 11. My birthday is in December, so I turned 12 at the end of Grade 6.

We used to have two types of secondary schools – Technical school or High School. Technical School was for people who wanted to go into a trade, while High school was for those who wanted to go on to University, or into clerical type work. When I started it was Form 1 to Form 6, but they changed the names to Year 7 to Year 12 about the time I finished Form 3 (year 9). I had just turned 18 when I finished High School.

For the last two or three years of high school, I was babysitting for a family that used to live next door to us, and later moved a few streets away.  The father would pick me up from home in the morning, and drive me to their place, and I would get the children up and ready for school.  The youngest was only 4 years old when I first started, so mum used to babysit her while the rest of us were at school.  I only babysat in the mornings, and during the school holidays, so in the afternoons I walked home by myself.

In the morning, when I was in high school (before I started babysitting), I would generally be running late, so I would usually just have time to get dressed, and grab my school bag and walk straight to school (or run if I was really late).  If I didn’t have money to buy lunch, I would end up not eating until I got home in the afternoon.

After I finished school, I did the first year of the Diploma of Teaching – Primary at Frankston State College.  During that year, I stayed with my Aunty Margaret, who lived in Frankston, and walked to the College.  I had a falling out with my aunt towards the end of the year, and ending up boarding at the school until the end of the year.

My practical placement was at a school at Edithvale (I think), so to be closer I stayed with my sister at Bonbeach for those few weeks. I didn’t have a car until a couple of years later, so for the weekends, I took the train from Frankston to Mitcham on a Friday night, and then back to Frankston on Sunday afternoon.  I did have a bike, so I sometimes rode my bike from Aunty Margaret’s place to college, and while I was doing my practical placement, I rode the bike to Frankston station, took it on the train to Bonbeach station, and then rode from the station at Bonbeach to my sister’s place, and then rode to Bonbeach station, I think I left my bike at the station, took the train to Edithvale, and then walked to the school I was working at.

I found I wasn’t suited to teaching, so I only did the one year. I did think about going into Early Childhood teaching (kindergarten), but after volunteering at a kindergarten, I got a job as an insurance clerk, and found I was more suited to clerical work.

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    1. Here in Australia, kindergarten isn’t the first year of school, it’s the equivalent of pre-school. When I was young it was for 4 year olds, but we now also have 3 year old kinder. The first year of school here is Grade Prep, which I started at age 5.


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