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How I use suggested records on Ancestry

Michael John Neill wrote on his Rootdig blog the post A Suggestion About Suggested Records at

He wrote about the difficulty in navigating through the suggested records, since there is not enough detail to know which ones you have looked at.

I also have come across an added difficulty. If you go into one of the suggested records, the suggested records on this record are not in the same order as for the first record, so you can end up going in circles.

This is why I prefer to work my way through the main search results first, and then only use the suggested records to find any I might have missed, or when a person has a common name and it takes too long to sift through all the results to find the ones for the right person.

What I then do is: After I have looked at a suggested record, I go back to the first record I was looking at, and then look at the next record on that suggested record list, and then go back to the first record, and look at the next record – even then it can be tricky keeping track of where you were up to, particularly when there are lots of results from the same record collections.

In the example Michael gave, there were multiple results for James Neill in the Indiana Death Certificates collection.  For this type of problem, I would go to the Card Catalogue, and find that collection, and search directly in that collection, rather than trying to navigate through the suggested records.