52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

52 Ancestors 2019 #4 Arthur Warren

It took me a while to decide who to write about.  There were 3 ancestors born in the week 20 January to 26 January:

My dad, Ivon Walter Whimpey, born 21 January 1923

My grandmother, Edith Meriden Docwra, born 26 January 1904

My ex-husband’s grandfather, Thomas Arthur Willis, born 24 January 1900

However, I had already written two 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks posts for each of them.

Then, for the other people I looked at, I found that I already had all the information for them in my tree.  I finally came across Arthur Warren.

In the tree on my website, I had a birth date of 23 January 1893, and a birthplace of Stawell, and that he had died 1 June 1964 at Monbulk, and that he married May Caroline Warren in 1923 at Mildura.  All of these details came from other family trees.

Then I went to my Ancestry tree, and found that I had conflicting dates of birth for him:

21 January 1892 from his Find a Grave Memorial.

25 January 1893 from his World War 2 service record.  This listed his next of kin as May Warren.

The Find a Grave memorial showed he died 1 June 1964 at Monbulk, and was buried at the Springvale Necropolis.  The memorial also included a photo of his gravestone which showed date of birth 21 January 1892, date of death 1 June 1964.

I found the corresponding entry for the death in the Victorian Births Deaths and Marriages indexes:

Record information
Event registration number10950
Registration year1964
Personal information
Family nameWARREN
Given namesArthur
Father’s nameWARREN Samuel
Mother’s nameAmy Edith (Briggs)
Place of birthStawell
Place of deathMonbulk
Spouse’s family name
Spouse’s given names

And an entry for him in the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust records:

arthur warren springvale

The age of 72 indicates a birth year of 1892.

Since I had a conflict for his date of birth, I decided to look for a birth entry, and couldn’t find one.  His death entry had listed his parents as Samuel Warren and Amy Edith Briggs, so I went looking for any children born to Amy Edith Briggs between 1890 and 1900, and found the following:

amy edith briggs children

This explained why I hadn’t found the record when searching for Arthur Warren – he was registered under the surname Briggs.    I then decided to see when Samuel and Amy were married, and found they were married some time during 1893 (registration number 1287).

Since Arthur’s birth was registered in 1893, and the birth date on a record created around the time of death is likely to be the least reliable, the birth date of 25 January 1893 from his World War 2 service record is more likely to be correct, but the best record to confirm his date of birth would be his birth certificate.

Although the service record listed his next of kin as May Warren, I still wanted more evidence to confirm that the Arthur Warren in the above records was the same Arthur Warren who married May Caroline Collinson, since my connection is to May.  I knew that May had lived at Mildura, and according to a family tree, Arthur and May had been married at Mildura in 1923. I therefore decided to search the Electoral rolls.

The 1924 Electoral roll had an entry for Arthur Warren in Mildura (Wimmera):

Warren, Arthur, Seventh st., Mildura, wheelwright

Also living at Seventh St was Samuel Warren, engine-driver.

Neither May nor Arthur’s mother Amy Edith, were listed, so I decided to try the 1931 Electoral roll.  This showed that Arthur was still living at Seventh St Mildura.  There was also Amy Edith Warren at 7th St Mildura, and Samuel Warren, engine-driver, at Seventh St.  May Caroline Warren was living at 107 Pine Street.

The 1942 Electoral roll for Mildura showed Arthur Warren, wheelwright, was living at 91 Lime Avenue Mildura. May Caroline Warren was also living at 91 Lime Avenue.

Since I was now fairly confident that the Arthur who married May was the son of Samuel Warren and Amy Edith Briggs, I decided to get Arthur’s birth certificate, to confirm his date of birth.

It turned out that the date of birth from the family tree was correct:

Arthur was born 23 January 1893 at Skene Street, Stawell.  He was the illegitimate son of Amy Edith Briggs, who was 27 years old and had been born at Ballarat.  The informant was Samuel Warren, father, Creswick.

My connection to May Caroline Collinson, Arthur’s wife, is:

may caroline collinson relationship