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Jill Ball has set up a new website “Six Feet under Downunder” where she wrote:

While preparing for my Six Feet Under Downunder webinar over the past few days I realised that there was no one site that listed all the wonderful Australian resources that index the names of deceased resting in cemeteries and crematoria around the country. It would have helped me no end in my preparation if there was a meta site that linked to such resources.

The thing is, there is already a site that does that – Australian

This is the home page for Victoria. At the bottom of the page there is a search form.

Victoria home page

The search form actually states that the search is limited to page that have been indexed by Google – and is only a limited search. When searching for my maiden name, Whimpey, this is the search criteria used.

whimpey OR OR OR

The true strength of the Australian Cemeteries website is by clicking one of the letters, as the cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order.  For example, the is the top of the page for the letter A.

Letter A

For an example of the amount of data the site can provide, I chose Axedale Cemetery:

Axedale General Cemetery

There are two links to online data, two links to Headstone Phones, as well as information about who provided the list, and information about the cemetery.  The first link to Online Data is to the Remembrance Parks Victoria website, which includes other cemeteries around Bendigo.  The second link is to an index on the Australian Cemeteries website for Axedale General Cemetery.  The first link for Headstone Photos is to send an email.  The second is to Carol’s Headstone Photographs.

This is just one example – the website covers hundreds of cemeteries from around Australia.

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