Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – The Facebook Meme

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week the mission was:

1)  Using the Facebook “Learn About Each Other” meme that was passed around several years ago, answer the 32 questions as listed below. [Copy and paste the questions and answers below, and substitute your answers for my answers]

2)  Tell us in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, in a status line on Facebook or a stream post on Google Plus.  Be sure to leave a link to your post in Comments on this post.

  1. Who are you named after? Not sure. My mum had a cousin called Lois, and mum and dad also had a friend named Lois
  2. Last time you cried? Yesterday, when watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD
  3. Do you like your handwriting? I used to like my handwriting, but a lack of practice means that it’s more of a scribble now.
  4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Ham or strasburg.
  5. Spicy or sweet? Sweet.
  6. Longest relationship? Siblings – all my life
  7. Do you still have your tonsils? yes
  8. Would you bungee jump? no
  9. What is your favorite kind of cereal? Hot: porridge; Cold: Weetbix with milk and sugar. I don’t usually eat cereal, I usually have toast for breakfast.
  10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No – too much tummy to bend over to untie them.
  11. Do you think you’re strong? Physically: not really; Emotionally: Yes.
  12. Favorite ice cream? Dark chocolate with chocolate chips, or chocolate coated icecreams – any flavor.
  13. What is the first thing you notice about a person? Eyes and smile
  14. Football or baseball? We’re not really into baseball here in Australia, so it’d have to be Football.
  15. What color pants are you wearing? I’m wearing a skirt – black with blue and white flowers
  16. Last thing you ate? Battered fish, hash brown and roast potatoes (baked from frozen)
  17. What are you listening to? The TV – it’s in the lounge room, but I’m in the dining room.
  18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Dark blue.
  19. What is your Favorite Smell? Fresh cut grass.
  20. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? A worker from the National Disability Scheme.
  21. Are you married? No, I’m divorced.
  22. Hair color? Brown, with a little bit of grey.
  23. Eye color? Blue
  24. Favorite foods to eat? Chocolate – dark or milk, I don’t like white. Spaghetti bolognese.
  25. Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings.
  26. Last movie you watched? 27 Dresses
  27. What color shirt are you wearing? Light blue
  28. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
  29. Beer or Wine? Neither. I don’t drink alcohol often, but when I do I prefer rum and coke
  30. Night owl or morning person? Night owl
  31. Favorite day of the week? I don’t really have one.