Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – Your Ancestors Occupations

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun.  Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week the mission was:

1)  What were the occupations of your ancestors?

2)  Please go back several generations (say parents or grandparents or great-grandparents) and list the occupations that they had in the records you’ve found for them.  You could do this, say, by ancestor table number.

3)  Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment on this blog post, or in a post on Facebook.

Here’s mine:

I’m going to use Ancestor Table number, starting with my parents and going back to my great-grandparents:

2)  Ivon Walter Whimpey (1923-2009), my father, had these occupations:

1946 turner and fitter in Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia (all the rest of locations are in Victoria, Australia, unless otherwise stated)

1949 fitter in Heidelberg

1954 welder in Deepdene

1963-1980 welder in Mitcham

3)  Edith Jean (Marr) Whimpey (1922-1990), my mother:

1946-1949 machinist in North Melbourne

1954 home duties in Deepdene

1963-1980 home duties in Mitcham

4)  John Ernest Whimpey (1884-1960), my grandfather:

1909 labourer in Tarnagulla

1912-1914 labourer in Kilcunda

1914-1917 grocer in Tarnagulla

1919 grocer in South Melbourne

1919-1939 grocer in Heidelberg

1943-1946 grocer in Albert Park

1949-1954 grocer in Heidelberg

5)  Ivy May (Harley) Whimpey (1890-1959), my grandmother:

1912-1914 home duties in Woolamai

1915-1917 home duties in Tarnagulla

1919 home duties in South Melbourne

1919-1939 home duties in Heidelberg

1943-1946 assistant in Albert Park

1949-1954 home duties in Heidelberg

6)  Wilfred Palmer Marr (1892-1955), my grandfather:

1914-1921 fitter in North Melbourne

1922-1924 fitter in Baxter

1924-1931 farmer in KooWeeRup

1934-1949 labourer in North Melbourne

7)  Edith Meriden (Docwra) Marr (1904-1948), my grandmother:

1925-1928 home duties in Dalmore East

1930 home duties in Neutral Bay, New South Wales

1933 home duties in Darlinghurst, New South Wales

1934 home duties in King, New South Wales

1934-1936 home duties in Baxter

8)  Joseph Whimpey (1848-1919), my great-grandfather:

1871 farmer in Loddon Plains

1888 contractor in Newbridge

1903-1919 coach driver/mail contractor/storekeeper in Tarnagulla

9)  Sarah Jane (Sharp) Whimpey (1853-1906), my great-grandmother:

1903-1906 home duties in Tarnagulla

10)  Alexander Alexander Harley (1866-1939), my great-grandfather:

1889-1893 Polisher in South Melbourne

1903-1909 farmer in Kilcunda

1911-1913 farmer/grazier in Kilcunda/Woolamai

1914-1938 farmer in Woolamai

11)  Henrietta Louisa (Russell) Harley (1865-1949):

1903-1943 home duties in Woolamai

12)  Henry Palmer Marr (1859-1944), my great-grandfather:

1906-1909 railway employee in North Melbourne

1912-1919 railway ganger in North Melbourne

1921-1931 farmer in Baxter

1934-1942 labourer in Baxter

13)  Mary (Reeves) Marr (1864-1951), my great-grandmother:

1905-1919 home duties in North Melbourne

1921-1942 home duties in Baxter

1946-1949 home duties in North Melbourne

14)  Harry Docwra (1866-1934), my great-grandfather:

1903 carpenter in Langwarrin

1911 farmer in Somerville

1912-1913 orchardist in Mornington Junction

1913-1918 carpenter in Mornington Junction

1919-1934 carpenter in Baxter

15)  Emily Alice (Oliver) Docwra (1877-1925):

1903 home duties in Langwarrin

1912-1918 home duties in Mornington Junction

1919-1924 home duties in Baxter

16)  Joseph Whimpey (1819-1902):

1868-1870 farmer in Newbridge

1884-1889 shoemaker in Newbridge

1897-1900 bootmaker in Tarnagulla

17)  Margaret (Price) Whimpey (1816-1901):


18)  Henry Sharp (1826-1892):

1841 dyers labourer in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

1851 dyer in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

1861 labourer in Newton Heath, Manchester, Lancashire, England

1875 farmer in Woodstock-on-Loddon

19)  Jane Elizabeth (Oldroyd) Sharp (1828-1902):


20)  Robert Harley (1817-1891)

1851 carpenter in Dundee, Angus, Scotland

1868-1872 farmer in Hesket

1875 farmer in Hesket and Rochford

1880-1881 produce dealer in Emerald Hill

21)  Euphemia (Dandie) Harley (1824-1902)


22)  Thomas Henry Russell (1844-1892)

1875 teacher Buninyong

23)  Maria Louisa (Doyle) Russell (1847-1925)

1861 scholar in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

1914 home duties in Windsor

1919 knitter in Box Hill

24)  James Marr (1827-1899)

1841 apprentice heckle maker in Dundee, Angus Scotland

1875 storekeeper in McCullums Creek

1888-1894 farmer in Craigie

25)  Martha (Richardson) Marr (1827-1888)

1841 P W L Linen in Dundee, Angus, Scotland

26)  William John Reeves (1829-1888)

1849 plasterer in Somerset, England (from passenger list)

1888 miner in Narrigal

27)  Mary (Gill) Reeves (1829-1903)

1903 home duties in Ararat

28)  Alfred Docwra (1824-1903)

1841 labourer in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, England

1871 storekeeper in Brighton East

1874-1887 gardener in Cheltenham

29)  Mary (Scott) Docwra (1830-1885)


30)  George Oliver (1846-1930)

1891-1898 hop grower in Bairnsdale

1903-1909 storekeeper in Cunninghame

31)  Elizabeth Ann (Ball) Oliver (1856-1909)