Happy New Year

In September I went to hospital with a number of health issues, and after a month I went to stay at my sister’s.  As she only had the internet on her phone, I was only able to access the internet when we went on quick visits to my home.  That meant that I haven’t been blogging.  I returned home on Boxing Day, but I decided that I would wait until the New Year before I started blogging again.

The New Year has also prompted me to make another attempt at my genealogy do-over.  During the time in hospital and at my sister’s, I worked on getting my old research organized, and have set up a preliminary index of the research in Excel.  I have indicated in the index the research that I plan to “redo” because it is available online.

While I was at my sister’s, my other sister brought up the paperwork that she had kept since dad died in 2009.  This paperwork included my dad’s birth and marriage certificates, his will, and his discharge paper from the Army.  I have now scanned these.  The originals are in with the rest of my original paperwork, and the images, and a transcription in Microsoft Word, are in with the rest of my genealogy research.

As part of my genealogy do-over, I will be focusing on the documents that I have that would be difficult or expensive for me to replace first, and then doing additional research.  Some of my blog posts will be about the different resources I am using.

I did consider starting the 52 Ancestors series again, but I have found it hard in the past to decide who to write about, so I decided not to, particularly since I have already written about most of my direct line ancestors.