Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun — Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2019

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun. Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week’s mission was:

1)  Jill Ball reconstituted her “Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2019” on 30 December 2019 and invited readers to participated.  

2)  This week, let’s contribute our answers to her questions about our genealogy accomplishments in 2019.  Copy the questions below, and add your own responses.

3)  Share your responses on your own blog, in comments on this blog, or on Facebook.  Please leave a comment on this post so readers can find your post, and please let Jill know about your efforts by emailing her at

Here’s mine:

1.  An elusive ancestor I found was:

I didn’t find an elusive ancestor

2.  A great newspaper article I found was:

I actually found a few articles about John Theodore Mulder and his “wife” (they never actually married) Mary Josephine McGillowray.  I wrote about them in my post Trove Tuesday – John Theodore Mulder.

3.  A geneajourney I took was:

I didn’t take any geneajourneys in 2019.

4.  I locate an important record:

The one that comes to mind was the probate file for John Gill, my 2x great grandmother Mary Gill’s brother.  This file mentioned a Thomas Williams of Temora, and also Jane Williams, formerly Gill.  I was then able to find the marriage certificate for Thomas and Jane, which confirmed she was John’s sister.  I was then also able to find her death certificate.

5.  A newly found family member shared:

I can’t think of any

6.  A geneasurprise I received was:

I didn’t received any geneasurprises.

7.   My 2019 social media post that I was particularly proud of was:

In reviewing a few of my old posts, I like the one Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – Tell A Story About Your Mother.

8.   I made a new genimate who:

I can’t think of any.

9.  A new piece of technology or skill I mastered was:

I can’t think of any.

10. I joined:

I didn’t join anything in 2019, unless you count subscribing to the Legacy Family Tree webinars.

11. A genealogy education session or event from which I learnt something new was:

I’ve been watching a Legacy Family Tree Webinar most nights and I learn something new from many of them.  I can’t remember anything specific though.

12. A blog post that taught me something new was:

I can’t think of any.

13. A DNA discovery I made was:

I haven’t taken a DNA test yet, so I haven’t made any

14. I taught a genimate how to:

I didn’t teach any genimates anything in 2019.

15. A brick wall I demolished was:

No brick walls demolished.  I don’t really have any brick walls, just cases where I haven’t been able to find enough records to determine which of possible baptisms are for my ancestor.

16. A great site I visited was:

My favorite site would have to be Trove, as newspaper articles can give you so much insight into your ancestors lives.

17. A new genealogy/history book I enjoyed was:

I didn’t read any genealogy/history books.

18. It was exciting to finally meet:

I didn’t meet anyone in 2019

19. I am excited for 2020 because:

After having a few months of medical issues, I am looking forward to getting back into organizing and researching my family history.

20. Another positive I would like to share is …

There are so many blogs and webinars to help learn more about researching your family history.  I am learning something new all the time, even though I’ve been researching for 29 years now.