Trove Tuesday

Trove Tuesday – Harrie Alexander Harley

Last week, I shared a letter I found on Trove written by my grandmother, Ivy May Harley’s sister, Edna Winifred Harley.  While going back through my notes, I remembered I also had found a letter written by their eldest brother, Harrie Alexander Harley.

Prize Letter from Harrie Harley
PRIZE LETTERS. (1900, July 7). Leader (Melbourne, Vic. : 1862 – 1918, 1935), p. 42. Retrieved January 20, 2020, from

Hazel Glen Kilcunda June 1900.

Dear Cinderella. –

Seeing no letters from here I thought I would write one. My Father takes “The Leader” every week and I like reading the letters very much. We are only milking seven cows but we ought to be milking about twenty soon. We have two horses four (4) cats and one (1) dog. There has been a lot of rain here lately. My Father has a pretty big orchard. We got a lot of apples, apricots, quinces, and peaches, one peach weighed half (½) a pound with the stone. The People about here are collecting money for a Church and I think they have got about £100 3/6 now. The Minister that used to preach here has gone away but another one has come, his name is Mr. Hare. There are some foxes, kangaroos, wallabys, and a few hares, and the people sometimes shoot a few of them. Most of the people are selling their houses and land about here and going away. But I don’t think we will be selling ours. I ride to school on my pony his name is “Lord Bobs.” There was a Whale washed upon the shore not long ago, and there was a rowing boat found down on the beach. My Father got a picture of Lord Roberts in “The Leader” last Tuesday. I think the British Soldiers will win at last anyway I hope they will.  Dear Cinderella I must now conclude with love to all. – Your affectionate


Aged 10 yrs 11 mths.