Trove Tuesday

Trove Tuesday – Sylvia Maud Featherstone

While I was researching Sylvia, I came across these articles about her death

Bicycle Out of Control
BICYCLE OUT OF CONTROL (1937, June 2). Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 – 1954), p. 1. Retrieved February 10, 2020, from



Miss Sylvia Featherstone, aged 24, of Boolaroo, was fatally injured when she was thrown from her bicycle at Speers Point late on Monday afternoon.

The young woman was riding her bicycle down an incline in Chippendale-street, Speers Point, about 5.30 p.m. when the machine got out of control, and ran over a 10ft. embankment. The rider was thrown on to a heap of scrap iron. She suffered extensive head injuries.

Lake Macquarie District Ambulance conveyed Miss Featherstone to Wallsend Hospital, where she died shortly after admission.


Inquiry into Woman Cyclist's Death
OVER EMBANKMENT (1937, June 12). Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (NSW : 1876 – 1954), p. 4. Retrieved February 10, 2020, from


Inquiry into Woman Cyclist’s Death


A verdict of accidental death was returned by the District Coroner, Mr. A. G. Chiplard yesterday, when he inquired into the death of Sylvia Maud Featherstone, 23, of William-street, Boolaroo, in the Wallsend Hospital on May 31.

Doris Irene Holmes, of Chippendall-street, Boolaroo, said that she had left home with her sister at about 5.25 p.m. on May 31 to cycle to Boolaroo.  About 200 yards from the corner of Chippendall and Lake View Streets, she noticed her sister’s cycle start to gain speed. She called to her to use her brake, but she did not seem to hear her. The cycle began to wobble, and witness noticed that her sister could not make the turn. She rode straight on and disappeared over an embankment. She found her sister lying on her back. On arrival at Wallsend Hospital her sister was dead.

Constable K. Brennan, of Boolaroo, said that he had found the track of a bicycle leading from about 300 yards of the hill in Chippendall-street, across Lake View-sreet, where it finished on the edge of a 8ft. embankment. He tested a hand-brake connected to the rear wheel, and it worked perfectly. He concluded that  the girl had lost control of the machine, and her speed was too great for her to turn the corner.

The Government Medical Office at Wallsend (Dr. C. F. Pettinger) said that external marks of violence on the body were lacerations below both knees, on the right side of the face, and on the nose. There was a fracture of the upper and lower jaws, and a depressed fracture of the skull. The cause of death was due to shock, and the injuries received.

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