Genealogy do-over

The two Mollie Picketts

Recently I was researching the children of William Michael Pickett and Violet Margaret Mary Harley.  When I had searched Trove for articles for Eileen and Mollie, I had come across two other sisters with the same names, but when I looked at their brother’s name, I realized they were from a different family.

From the death notices for William and Violet, and their daughter Diana, I had found that their daughter Mollie had married Ron McGibbon.  I had tried searching for a marriage, but I forgot to put a wildcard between the M and c to pick up the variation MacGibbon.  Since I only had the nickname of Mollie for her, I wasn’t sure what her name actually was.  It was when I searched FamilySearch for Ron McGibbon that I came across a Find a Grave entry for Ronald Stewart MacGibbon, who was buried at Altona Memorial Park.  I therefore clicked on the link to go to the Find a Grave entry, and his gravestone listed his wife as Mary Teresa MacGibbon.  Then I went into Mary’s entry, and it said “Daughter of William Michael Pickett and Violet Harley. She married Ronald Stewart MacGibbon in 1942.”  That matched my Mollie.  But then things got a bit strange, because in the Family Members Section, it listed her as a daughter of Arthur Tasman Breese Pickett and Mary Teresa Lillian Browne Pickett.

So, I went back to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria website to try and sort things out.  I entered Pickett as the surname, Mary as the given name, and searched for births and marriages between 1910 and 1960.  There were 2 pages of results. There was a birth entry for Mary Teresa Vic Pickett in 1911 at Richmond, parents Mary Teresa Lilia Browne, and Arth Tasman Bre Pickett.  There was no birth entry for my Mary, as she was born in 1921. There were also two marriages: one Mary Teresa Pickett married James Francis Lynch in 1935, and the other married Ronald Stewart MacGibbon in 1942.  My Mollie was the one who married Ronald MacGibbon, so the other Mary must have been the one who married James Francis Lynch.