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Trove Tuesday – Cyril Frederick Haslam

Found in Garage Charge of Breaking-in
FOUND IN GARAGE (1928, June 5). The Newcastle Sun (NSW : 1918 – 1954), p. 5. Retrieved February 25, 2020, from


Charge of Breaking-in


Alleged to have been found underneath a car in the garage of Motor Vehicles, Ltd., soon after mid-night on April 21, by the police, who had entered the garage through a gaping hole in the plate glass window, which had previously been broken by a brick, Cyril Frederick Haslam appeared before Judge White at Newcastle Quarter Sessions to-day, charged with breaking and entering with intent to steal.

Haslam pleaded not guilty and challenged five jurors.

The jury returned with a verdict of guilty, with a recommendation of mercy, in view of Haslam’s past good character.

Haslam was remanded for sentence.


Sergeant Langley, told how on April 21, about 12.20 a.m. he went to Motor Vehicles, Ltd., showroom in Hunter-street, and saw a plate glass window shattered, and how he found a brick on the floor inside. A constable, who was with him pulled Haslam out from under a car. He appeared to be very drunk.

The sergeant said that he then showed Haslam a pencil, which, he said, he had found in the vicinity of John McGrath’s garage. Haslam admitted that it was his.

John Joseph Summers, signalman, on duty on the night of April 21, said that about midnight he heard the breaking of glass, and saw a man walking about near John McGrath’s garage. He heard two distinct crashes, but he did not see the face of the man, but he was something like Haslam in size and build.

Cyril Frederick Haslam, engine-driver, said that on the night of April 21, he was “pretty well drunk.”

“It is done in Newcastle, your Honor,” said Mr. Cragg (for Haslam).

Judge White: Surely not. Of course it’s not done in other towns.

“I was pretty well mopped,” said Haslam. He then repeated the statement made to the police.

Mr. Crawford (for the Crown): Is that your serious recollection of this matter? – Yes.

Were you so drunk that you saw a man there? – Yes, I’m almost positive. I don’t think I “see things.” I haven’t been that way so far.

Judge White: Where did the man go – I don’t know where he went.

Asked how he accounted for the presence of his pencil near the broken window at John McGrath’s, he said he had rushed about after the man, and might have dropped it.

Mr. Cragg, in his address to the jury, said that he did not believe Haslam’s evidence about seeing the other man, but he said that there was no intent to steal.

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