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Thursday’s Tips – Births, Deaths and Marriages for other Australian states and territories and New Zealand

My first post in this series was for the Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria website.  Since most of the information in that post applies to the other states as well, I have decided to just do the one post for the other Australian states and territories, and New Zealand.

NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages

Since New South Wales was the earliest colony in Australia, these records go back the furthest. Civil registration began in NSW in 1856, so prior to that they have church records from 1788 to 1855.  Also, if you have relatives from one of the other Australian colonies, the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages may have records for them if they lived there while it was still part of NSW.  A history of the development of the colonies can be found at

The indexes on the NSW Births Deaths Marriages website are similar to Victoria, except their marriages go up to 1960, and the birth and death indexes don’t include the mother’s maiden surname, and the death indexes don’t give the deceased’s age, or the father’s surname.  This can make it a challenge to find the right record, especially since the certificates cost more than those from Victoria. The certificates cost $35, but there are transcription agents who can provide transcriptions of the certificates at reduced prices.

Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages

Civil registration began in Queensland in 1856, so prior to that the records are church records.  As with Victoria, you can order a historical certificate for $31.70, which you will receive by post, or a registration image for $22.50, and you will receive a link by email to download a PDF. Some events may also have a source image for $22.50 – Historical source images are scanned copies of the records which are from the informant to the event. These images include scans of original registration forms collected from the informant of a marriage or death or the parents of a child in the case of a birth..

The range of births, and deaths are the same for Victoria and New South Wales – 100 years for births, 30 years for deaths, but the marriages are only for those that took place over 75 years ago.

Births, Deaths and Marriages Western Australia

The years this online index covers is Births 1841-1932, Deaths 1841-1971 and marriages 1841-1936.  The information included in the index varies depending on the time frame.  For example, up to 1905, the birth index includes the names of the parents, while from 1906, it doesn’t.

Western Australia doesn’t have online ordering – you have to print out an order form and send it in to them.

Access Canberra

Historic Indexes for deaths that occurred over 30 years ago and marriages that occurred over 75 years ago in the Australian Capital Territory are available to download as Excel spreadsheets, or PDF files. The records held in the Australian Capital Territory are from 1930 – prior to this the records are at the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Certificates can be applied for by completing an online application form.

Tasmanian Names Index

This index includes images of the birth, death and marriage certificates/records.  The index doesn’t just cover births, deaths and marriages, but also includes wills, convict records, departures, censuses, World War 1 Soldiers & Nurses, Prisoners, Marriage permissions. A full list of what’s included can be found at

Genealogy SA

Genealogy SA has a free index, which for births include the name of the child, the name of the father, the district, the book/page numbers and the birth year.  For deaths, if includes the name of the deceased, their gender, the district, the book/page number and the death year. To have access to more details, you need to become a member, which is $99 a year plus a $29 one-off fee.  For deaths, the additional information includes the death date, the age, marital status, place of death, residence, relative and any notes.

They also offer transcriptions of the certificates for $24.20, and $12.10 for members.  You can also order a certified copy of certificates from the BDM Registrar, SA Government.  The certified copies cost $50.

As well as births, deaths and marriages, Genealogy SA also has records from South Australian Cemeteries, and Newspapers.

Northern Territory

I haven’t been able to find any free online indexes for Northern Territory, but there is a death index on FindMyPast, and the FamilySearch Wiki has a list of collections that may include the records from the Northern Territory.

New Zealand

Their online historical index includes:

  • Births that occurred at least 100 years ago
  • Stillbirths that occurred at least 50 years ago
  • Marriages that occurred 80 years ago
  • Deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago or the deceased’s date of birth was at least 80 years ago

The birth index includes: Registration number, Family name, Given name(s), Mother’s Given name(s), Father’s Given Name(s), and whether it was a stillbirth.

The death index includes: Registration number, Family name, Given name(s), date of birth or age at death

The marriage index includes: Registration number, Bride’s Given Name(s), Bride’s Family name, Groom’s Given name(s), Groom’s Family name

Certificates can be ordered online. You can either order a certificate for $33, or a printout for $25.  If you order a printout, you will receive an email with a link to download the record as a PDF file.