My Heritage

My Heritage – Index of Online Trees

I had a look at this new collection yesterday, and found all of the entries I looked at for the Whimpey surname were from my own website.  Today, I had a hint for someone I’ve just been working on in my Legacy family tree , and it led back to my website.

I have set up my preferences to only show hints from Record Matches, not Smart Matches, as I don’t want to use family trees until I’ve exhausted all other records. At the moment, this excludes entries from My Heritage family trees, FamilySearch family trees and Wiki Trees.  It’s annoying to have a collection that is just from online trees coming up as a “Record” collection, especially when the hints lead back to my own website!

My dilemma is – should I ignore the hint, or confirm it.  I have been accepting the hints I get from My Heritage if they are for the right people, even though I have already found the information from alternate sources.  Also, if I confirm the hint, this will come up as a hint for other people searching for the same people, which will lead more people to my website.

The interesting thing I found about this collection was that not everyone I have in the family tree on my website appears in the collection on My Heritage.  I found that the Gendex Index had a more complete index of the people on my website.