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Who were the parents of Emily Levenia Lilley?

The death entry for Emily Levenia Marr, nee Lilley, listed her parents as John Lilley and Jane Munday, and that she was born about 1894 in North Melbourne.  I couldn’t find a birth for any children for this couple or a marriage for them in Victoria.  I did find a birth entry for Emily Lilley, mother Emily Lilley, father Unknown, born 1893 in Carlton.

In order to reconcile this discrepancy, and to determine who Emily Levenia Lilley’s parents were, I decided to get the marriage certificate for Emily and William Henry Marr.  The marriage certificate listed her father as Unknown, mother Emily Lilley.  It confirmed that the birth I found was the right one, and that the names listed on her death certificate were incorrect. I wondered if perhaps John Lilley and Jane Munday were the parents of Emily Levenia Lilley’s mother Emily, so I decided to check the Births Deaths and Marriages website for the birth of an Emily Lilley between 1860 and 1880, and found the following entry:

Emily Frances Lilley birth

It appears that the informant at Emily’s death had listed her grandparents as her parents, possibly because she was illegimate.

My relationship to William Henry Marr is:

William Henry Marr relationship