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How do I create a list of persons who died in 1918 in Legacy?

Randy Seaver on his Genea-musings blog recently wrote the post Dear Randy: How do I Create a List of Persons Who died in 1918 in RootsMagic?

In his post, he created a report, but with Legacy, you can create a CSV file, which means you can use Excel or Google Sheets to view the list.

In Legacy, you go to the Search tab, and select Find.

search find

Then in the Conditions you put Individual, Death Date, Contains, 1918.


Then in the resulting list, go to the bottom and select Options and then Print.

options print

Select the fields you want in your list, and you can then view the report on the screen, or print it, or save it as a CSV or PDF file.  I chose CSV file.

list reportThis is the resulting list in Excel.

persons who died in 1918

And here it is in Google Sheets, after I uploaded the file to Google Drive

google sheets

Personally, I prefer to just use Excel, since you can access the file if you don’t have access to the internet, and it’s an extra step to upload the file to Google Drive, to be able to view it in Google Sheets.