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Tuesday’s Tips – Using wildcards when searching

I was recently trying to find a birth entry for William Kidd. His death entry indicated he was born about 1887 at Chewton, Victoria, Australia, and his parents were John Kidd and Ann Boag.  I was unable to find an entry for William Kidd that matched, so I then tried searching for children with the surname Kidd and mother’s surname Boag, and found the following children between 1870 and 1890.

kidd boag

Because there were only 4 results, I then trying searching for surname Kidd, father’s name John. I found that some of the children had the mother’s maiden surname as Farrierboag. There were now the following children:


Since William still didn’t appear in the list, I wondered whether his birth hadn’t been registered, or his surname had been mis-transcribed.  I therefore tried searching for the surname *idd, given name w*m, birth between 1880 and 1890.  I found his surname had been mis-transcribed on the index as Ridd..

William Ridd