Sunday afternoon Genealogy Fun

Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun – What Was Your Childhood Home Like?

Each week on Randy Seaver’s Genea-musings blog he has a post for Saturday night Genealogy fun. Because of the time difference, I have called my series Sunday Afternoon Genealogy Fun. This week’s mission was:

1) What was your childhood home like?  How big was it?  How many rooms did it have?  What facilities did you have? What furniture was there?  

2) Share your response on your own blog, in a comment to this post, or in a comment or post on Facebook.

Here’s mine:

My childhood home was at 9 Beaufort Street Mitcham, Victoria, Australia.  I lived there from the time I went home from the hospital after I was born, until I got married, although I spent a year staying at my aunty Margaret’s in Frankston while I attended the Frankston State College, and a couple of months at a flat in Burnley before that.  It was a square house, and like most houses here in Australia, a single storey.  I’m not sure how big it was, although it seemed small probably because there were so many of us in it (I’m the youngest of 7 sisters).

The front door led into the hallway and to the right of the hall was mum and dad’s bedroom, which was carpeted, and to the left was the lounge room, which was also carpeted. I can’t remember if the hall was carpeted as well.  The lounge room was big enough to fit a piano, 3-seater lounge, electric oil heater, buffet, a couple of lounge chairs and a television (we had a black and white TV, it wasn’t until about the 1970s that we got colour television). The windows for the lounge room and mum and dad’s bedroom looked out onto the street.

Going down the hallway, at the end of it was the bathroom.  There was a shower over the bath and a sink, cupboard under the sink, towel rail on the wall, and that was it. I think the floor was linoleum.   The window was smoky glass and led into the veranda. The linen cupboard was also at the end of the hall.

On the left of the hall was the kitchen.  We had an oval kitchen table.  When we were all sitting down, there wasn’t much room to get around it, but we had to have a big table so we could all sit around it.  We had an electric stove, as well as a wood stove.  Dad used to get briquettes to light the fire in winter to keep the house warm.  We also had a refrigerator, and later a chest freezer as well.  We had linoleum on the floor in the kitchen.  The windows were on the left (west) side of the house.  The kitchen cupboards and sink were under the windows.  There was a mantelpiece above the stoves, where canisters of flour and sugar etc. were kept. 

On the right at the end of the hall was another bedroom, with carpet on the floor. The windows in this room faced east and looked out on the driveway.  Growing up, my older sisters were in this room, while us younger ones were in the back bedroom. After my sisters left home, I had this room, and I studied my HSC in this room. At that time, I had a desk (for study), the bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe.

There was a door from the kitchen to the back veranda. Mum had an old Singer sewing machine there which she used to make clothes for us. On the left of the veranda was the laundry, and you went through the laundry to get to the toilet.  In the laundry, we had an electric washing machine, and a double sink, with a wringer in the middle. We didn’t have a dryer. Our clothes were dried on the rotary clothesline in the backyard. The floors of the laundry, veranda and toilet were covered with linoleum. The window in the toilet was a small, high one on the west side of the house.  The windows for the laundry and veranda looked out into the back yard.

On the right side of the veranda was the third bedroom.   I think this floor was timber.  The windows in this room also faced the backyard.  Growing up this was the room I was in, and I slept in the top bunk of bunk beds, and at one time there was a third bed in the room.  We had a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bookcase in the room as well.

Photo taken by Lois Willis in 1977 of 9 Beaufort Street Mitcham

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  1. You remember so many of the little details of your home. It must have been a busy home with 7 children, but the size of the house back then didn’t seem to matter. Kids ate and slept there, but we were all sent out to school or to play during the daytime. Life was so much simpler back then!


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