About me


My name is Lois Willis

I began researching my family history in 1990, when my brother-in-law gave me a family tree a distant cousin had given him.  From there I started contacting other family members for more information, obtained birth, death and marriage certificates to confirm some of the details, and then branched out to researching at libraries and archives, and later on the internet.

For some years I have had my family tree on the internet in various formats. In March 2014, I decided to add a blog to my website, to share my experiences in researching my family history, and to provide tips and guides to others researching their family history.

Earlier this year, I found I didn’t have enough space on my site for both my blog and my family tree, so I moved my blog here at https://loiswillis.blog/ and I kept my family tree at http://www.loiswillis.com/

1 thought on “About me”

  1. Re David Clynne husband of Violet Waters Reaster House Dunnet. Visit Scotland’s People web site. David mentioned in Valuation Roles 1875 & 85. Died Sept 30 1885. Will & Testament fulfilled May 07 1887 @ Wick Sheriff Court ref S C14/40/12. PS I strayed upon this info whilst tracing the lost years of Jane Mowat who I now believe to be my Great Grandmother who is recorded as a Domestic Servant @ Reaster House in 1881 census. hope this is useful.


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