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Wednesdays Resources – Probate Calendars England & Wales

Two weeks ago, I wrote about UK Gov Find a Will, which can be used instead of the England & Wales Probate Calendar collection at ancestry.  One of the featured collections in last week’s FindMyPast Fridays was Probate Calendars England & Wales. I currently don’t have a subscription to FindMyPast, but I have subscribed to… Continue reading Wednesdays Resources – Probate Calendars England & Wales

United Kingdom, Wills & probate

Wednesdays Resources – Gov UK Find a Will

I recently had to cancel my subscription to Ancestry, as I can’t afford it at the moment.  This made me look for alternative, preferably free, resources. One of the databases I wanted to find an alternative for was the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 When googling English National… Continue reading Wednesdays Resources – Gov UK Find a Will

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Wednesday’s Resources – England & Wales Parish Registers

Where to look for parish registers in England & Wales tends to depend on the county you are researching in, but one thing I have found is that it is often easiest to confirm relationships and trace a family back in time if you can access the original parish registers, or a transcript, for a… Continue reading Wednesday’s Resources – England & Wales Parish Registers

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Wednesdays Resources – England & Wales civil registration

Births, deaths and marriages in England and Wales can be divided into 2 main sections – events prior to 1837, which fall under Church or Parish records, and those after 1837, which fall under civil registration. This post looks at civil registration.  The indexes to these can be found on a number of different sites… Continue reading Wednesdays Resources – England & Wales civil registration

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Ukpressonline 3 for 1

Throughout March, ukpressonline is offering a three-for-one special.  Instead of 5 days (for £14.99) or 30 days (£55) you get 15 days or 90 days access.   The newspapers include Daily Express 1900-present Daily Mirror 1903-1980 Sunday Express 2000-present Daily Star 2000-present Daily Star Sunday 2002-present Morning Star 2000-present Daily Worker 1930-1945 Church Times 1863--present The… Continue reading Ukpressonline 3 for 1

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UKPressOnline Double-up

UKPressOnline is offering a Double Up on All Subscriptions.  This offer gives every subscriber the opportunity to double any new subscription for the same price as a single subscription.  For example, a 24 hour subscription doubles up to 48 hours, 30 days doubles up to 60 days. Details of this offer can be found at http://www.ukpressonline.co.uk/ukpressonline/blog/index.jsp

Newspapers, United Kingdom

UKPressOnline 24 Hour Free Access

UKPressOnline is offering free access for 24 hours.  To gain free access you need to: Register or login by going to:www.ukpressonline.co.uk Go to the online shop and “Add to Basket” the 24 hour All-Inclusive Personal Package. Then “Checkout Now” and on the confirmation page click on “Enter a Code” and type in “FREETRY1” Complete the process by… Continue reading UKPressOnline 24 Hour Free Access