Australia – Inquests, wills & probate

Public Record Office Victoria

Index to Wills, Probate and Administration Records 1841-2009

As well as an index to Wills, Probate and Administration Records from 1841 to 2009 in Victoria, the Wills and probate records created between 1841 and 1925 are also available for viewing online free of charge.  Wills and probate records created between 1926 and 2009 can be ordered for viewing at the reading room at the Victorian Archives Centre (VAC) in North Melbourne.

Index to Inquests

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) holds records of inquests and other kinds of coronial investigations held in Victoria from 1840 – 1985. There is no online index for these records.

Queensland State Archives

Inquests 1859-1902.  This provides an index to inquests held in Queensland from 1859 to 1902.  Copies of the inquest papers can be ordered for a fee.

Wills 1857-1940. This index includes files from all districts for the period 1857 to 1900. From 1901 onwards only Southern District, Brisbane, files can be searched in the index

New South Wales State Records

Coroner’s Inquests 1796-1924.  This provides an index to inquests held in New South Wales from 1796 to 1824.

Deceased estates and related records.  There are three indexes in this category.

Indexes to deceased estate files Researching deceased estates files before 1923 is a complex process, with researchers often having to check up to five different indexes to locate a file. This index simplifies the process by combining all indexes into one searchable database. There are currently c.130,000 entries dating from 1880 onwards.

Index to Intestate Estate Case Papers Intestate: A person who dies without leaving a will. This is an ongoing Volunteer project. The index currently covers the years 1821-1910.

Index to early probate records This index is for supplementary probate records that are not part of the main probate series. It records the name, date, item number and page number.

Adelaide Proformat – How to locate Aus Wills

This webpage contains details of where to go to obtain Wills in Australia

South Australia Inquests

This webpage contains information about South Australian inquests – inquests from 1877 to 1930 no longer exist, as they were authorised for destruction during World War II.

South Australia Coroner’s Court Findings 2000 to 2015

State Library of Victoria

Although the indexes are now online, I first accessed these indexes on microfiche at the State Library of Victoria

Inquest Index

Probate Index


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